South Indian Food near me Face With These Best 10 South Indian Thalis In Bangalore

Although the modest South Indian food near me  thali may not be as glitzy or calorie-dense as its North Indian cousin, it can certainly provide a particular touch to lunchtime. The South Indian food  Near me, often known as meals, is a hearty alternative for hungry patrons in both renowned and obscure restaurants around the area. And nearly always, whether you select the soft jowar roti or the veggies cooked in copious amounts of coconut, it honors local agriculture. The best South Indian thalis in Bangalore are served by Republic Hindustani.


Mavalli Tiffin Room

South Indian food

Mavalli Tiffin Room -MTR, 14, Lal Bagh Main Rd, Doddamavalli, Sudhama Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560027


Nothing can adequately prepare you for the assault at this renowned restaurant. The amount of goodness they add will be difficult for your incredibly enormous thali to hold. Prior to the arrival of the veggie dishes, sambar rice, desserts, and fruit salad, the Bisi Bele Bath is served.

Sree Krishna Kafe

Sree Krishna Kafe, Koramangala, Bengaluru 


At this well-known restaurant, the simplicity of South Indian flavors come to life. The banana leaves, mountains of rice, and ladles full of spicily flavored sambhar will be brought out when you select any of their meal selections. Bowls full of avial (a milky vegetable stew), two additional vegetable dishes flavored with spice and coconut, rasam, buttermilk, and thick curd will be served alongside it.

Malgudi Vattika


Malgudi Vattika Republic Hindustami

64 Near Wonderla Gate, Hanumantha Nagar, Mysore Road, Bidadi, India, Karnataka
+91 99002 68344

Vattika, Hanumanthanagar, Bengaluru

The many South Indian dishes offered at this highway restaurant draw crowds from Bengaluru, and there are lots of thali options available. We advise choosing the meals that have two flaky rotis in the centre of the plate, which are produced from the extremely healthful jowar. Spicy chutneys, dals, and rich gravies surround it and pair perfectly with the fluffy rotis. The flavours of rural Karnataka are being celebrated.


Maiyas Beverages And Foods Private Limited

Maiyas Beverages And Foods Private Limited


Loved by South Bangalore, Maiya’s has certainly elevated modest Udupi darshini favourites. Two shiny, puffed-up puris are placed on top of their combo meal. You can go on to the rice and sambhar after this oily delicacy before finishing with the slurpy curd rice.

Hotel Janardhan

Hotel Janardhan Republic hindustani

Hotel Janardhan 

Kumarakrupa Rd, High Grounds, Gandhi Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

Go to Janardhan if you want a quick but hearty dinner. You can get two enormous chapatis for a little over a hundred rupees, which you can eat with portions of the day’s coconut-garnished sabzi or dunk in a vegetable curry. Then, add flavorful rasam to your serving of rice before finishing with a cup of milky payasam for dessert.


XHVC+6M6, Sampige Road, Malleshwaram, Malleshwaram, opposite Sampige Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560003

XHVC+6M6, Sampige Road, Malleshwaram, Malleshwaram, opposite Sampige Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560003

Gopika – New Krishna Bhavan, Malleswaram, Bengaluru


This unpretentious restaurant, formerly known as New Krishna Bhavan, will blow you away with its straightforward but delicious fare. On weekdays, you can sign up for a dish of chapatis and a few different curries that are laden with spices. Together with a sweetmeat, there will also be a cup of curd rice. The thali is given a unique touch on Sundays. Deep-fried puris and flavoured rice dishes, including puliyogare, which combines tamarind rice with crispy peanuts, are served.

Hotel Nalapaka


Hotel Nalapaka

Hotel Nalapaka, rajaji nagar, Bengaluru

Rustic Karnataka cuisine served at Hotel Nalapaka is a hidden delicacy that will fill you up completely. Their Rotti Meals are served with warm jowar rotis that have a generous amount of butter on top. They go great with their hot lentil dishes or their fiery brinjal curries. Do by by on Mondays in the afternoon to enjoy their special Holige-themed lunches (sweet flatbreads that are stuffed with coconut or soft lentils).

Kamat Lokaruchi

Kamat Lokaruchi, Ramanagara



Do not let the crowds of patrons at this well-known roadside restaurant stop you from enjoying their food. You may tuck into their Ragi Mudde dinners, which feature delicate ragi balls that go perfectly with ladles of green curry. We especially adore their fluffy rotis and their Jowar Roti Meal.


Annapoorani, Indira Nagar, Bengaluru

At this modest eatery, you’ll be rewarded if you arrive with a huge appetite. Enjoy a dinner that is bursting with flavors from Tamil cuisine by settling in. You can drown your portions of rice with spicily-flavored curries, sambhar, rasam, and parappu (a curry with greens). Kootu, a vegetable preparation, papad, pickles, and a sweet payasam are among the list of sides.


South Indian food near me


south indian food near me

Bheema’s, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru

In this restaurant, the food is just as popular as their fiery Andhra biryani. You can start by nibbling on the sauces before moving on to the dishes of rice with ghee. If you serve the rice with copious amounts of pappu (greens blended with dal) or sambhar, your supper will be exquisite. The dinner is finished with a hearty bowl of curd and buttermilk. Here is more information on Bheema’s meals.



What’s Great About It South Indian food near me


Although we cannot vouch for its authenticity, Bheema’s vegetarian Andhra dinner has our eternal loyalty. Bheema’s lunchtime is similar to navigating Bangalore’s congested roadways. There is complete mayhem, with long lines of hungry customers wanting to take a seat and servers whizzing by carrying platters full of food. Yet the vegetarian lunch that is served on a plantain leaf at Bheema’s is what customers most eagerly anticipate.


Once you manage to fight yourself a place here, a leaf is placed on the table in front of you and soon the staff will come plonk on your plate a bunch of condiments that include podi or chutney, pickle, and raita made with cucumber, onion, and yoghurt. Hot steamed rice is then ladled on your plantain/plate on which is poured pappu or dal cooked with greens. Dollops of ghee are added to this mountain of food and you are free to dig in. Generous helpings of mixed vegetables, sambar, rasam, and curd are also placed alongside your leaf, with some trusty papad.


We suggest ordering the deep-fried seer fish to go with the straightforward Andhra dish, as well as a side of Chicken 65 (succulent natti or country chicken cooked until practically burnt, with loads of spices and curry leaves). The biryanis at Bheema’s are also legendary, however on weekdays around lunch you might need to pre-book the biryani (yes, there is such a thing as that!) before you come here.

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